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  • What is Gyma?
    Gyma is a flexible 30 - day membership that gives you access to the best gyms and sports providers all over Cyprus & Athens City As a Gyma member you have daily access to tons of workouts: yoga, fitness, boxing, swimming, Pilates, dance, bootcamp, CrossFit, tennis, football and much more. You arrange everything online at Gyma, from your registration to the reservation of lessons. Plan ahead and create your group class or solo schedule. You can also easily adjust or cancel your membership via the Gyma app or website .
  • How do I become a Gyma member?
    Go to the Gyma website and choose a membership that suits you. Create an account and upload clear profile picture. Verify your details in the verification email to activate your account. Off you go! The Gyma app is your passport into the Gyma partner locations. Check - in by scanning Gyma QR code you can actually check in at Gyma partner locations. So easy!
  • Why should I become a member of Gyma?
    How about doing a variety of sports and fitness activities and paying just one membership fee? You are out of the town for the day but you want to visit a local gym for a fitness class or even a class at the beach? Visiting Athens for vacations or business? Stay consistent your fitness journey and never miss a workout again. We can have that sorted for you! We constantly add venues including a wider range of sports for you to explore and experience. One membershp for many sport activities. How cool is that?
  • How does Gyma Partner know am a member with Gyma?
    By scanning our QR Code during your check in with your mobile phone, show the confirmation screen to the Gyma Partner or their staff. The Gyma Partner may require you to show them a valid Gyma Profile photo for identification.
  • Do I need to make a booking before I can check in?
    Some partners may require you to book a session in advance and other partners are happy with drop ins subjecto to capacity. You will need to check individual partner profile in Gyma website for more details and you may need to contact the partner via phone or email in order to make a booking. If you make a booking and cannot attend please ensure that you cancel your booking as soon as possible and no later than 4hs before your scheduled booking otherwise your personal credit card will incur a 12 Euro late cancellation fee upon attendance and you may be entitled to no show fee as well. Alternate you can reschedule your booking 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time without incurring a late cancellation fee.
  • How do I book and visit venues?
    You will be able to find our range of sports activities on our website or in the Gyma app which can be dowloaded from the Apple or Android store for free. Any registered member of Gyma must book a session in advance from one Gyma app. When you arrive at the venue, you will need to scan the QR code and at the venue's reception and you are ready to go!
  • How are my visit limits calculated?
    The visit limits are calculated per calendar month from the first day of the calendar month you purchase a membership with us. For example, if your membership commences on 12th July your monthly membership will expire on 12th of August of the same year. Prior to purchasing your membership package, you will be able to see how many visits are permitted with that particular membership package.
  • What is the difference between memberships?
    There are currently 3 types of memberships and the variety of memberships can by found here. You can visit as many venues or online classes as you like depending on the value of your membership.
  • Are there any additional or hidden costs with your membership fee?
    Absolutely not! There are no additional or hidden costs with your membership fee at Gyma. The underlying concept of Gyma is that only one monthly membership fee is paid. However for example a climbing hall require to rent shoes or a pool session requires members to rent a towel (if they don't have one of their own) which it will displayed on the partners profile page and it will be additional cost paid at the partners facility paid by Gyma Member.
  • What happens if I reach the visit limit with a partner?
    If you have achieved a check - in or visit limit with a particular partner, you will not be able to attend further sessions with that particular partner. You will have to wait until your membership renewal where you visit limit will reset. You can of course visit other partners. You are able to check how many visits you attended with a particular partner in the Gyma App. Please keep in mind that the whole concept of Gyma is to open your mind to various sporting and wellness experiences and we encourage you to visit as many partners as possible.
  • Can another person use my membership?
    No. Your membership is only valid for you and cannot be used by anyone else or transfer to anyone else. You will not be allowed to enter into sports venue of someone else is using your membership and Gyma may in their sole discretion terminate your membership permanently.
  • How much does a membership cost?
    Gyma has three membership plans to choose from, which can be seen here: Beginner Plan: €35/month for 4 credits per cycle. Credits roll over for 30 days, and you can visit most providers up to 4 times per month. This plan is great for those who want to try out and they have busy working life but they still want to do fitness. Regular Plan: €75/month for 16 credits per cycle. Credits roll over for 30 days, and you can visit most providers up to 4 times per month. This plan is great for regular fitness gurus. Pro Plan: €125/month for 24 credits per cycle. Credits roll over for 30 days, and you can visit most providers up to 8 times per month. This plan works well for very active individuals.
  • Where can I use Gyma pass?
    Gyma Pass is available in all over Cyprus & Athens city and you can use your Gyma Pass membership to take classes and solo training anywhere we have partners, including Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras & Athens Area. You can see a list of studios available in each city by checking the "Explore Locations" tab on the top menu bar. You can search by activity and location to find any venue, anywhere near you. Gyma is always on the move and we're actively expanding to more cities, gyms and studios. If we’re not in your city yet or you want to suggest a studio to partner up with, you can nominate your city or venue from the 'contact us' page and keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for updates on new city launches so you can be the first to start sweating with us in your city.
  • What is the visit limit?
    There are different visits limits per membership. You can check more details at the Membership Plans and Pricing page. There are two different visit limits, one for partner visit limit and one for membership visit limit. We have 4x per month, 8x per month visits per sport facility(venue/partner) and for example the Regular Membership has maximum 12 visits per month of the venues we offer in that membership.
  • Can I visit a sport's facility twice a day?
    Nop. You cannot visit the same location twice a day. Don't forget that the purpose is for you to experience a various sporting experiences!
  • Can I attend class without a reservation?
    All reservations need to be booked directly through your Gyma account. Once your reservation has been processed, you will see the class included in your bookings sections and you will receive a booking confirmation email. If you attend a class without a Gyma reservation, you may be subject to the studio’s drop in fee - extra cost.
  • Can I exercise freely at a gym location?
    Yes! With Gyma you can train individually in the gym in addition to taking group lessons. This is possible in all locations with the "Open Training" service on our platform. Reservation is necessary. Note: You cannot exercise in the same location twice in the same day or attend a group class and open gym training at the same location in the same day.
  • How do I check in at a partners location?
    Once you visit the partner location please ask for the QR code and scan it and follow the instructions on the screen to self check - in. Additionally show at the reception that you successfully checked - in. Gym owner may require valid profile Gyma picture. Some locations may also ask for a 2nd proof of identification, like ID. Check-in for reserved classes or open gym training is possible from 15 minutes before the start time of the class up to a maximum of 10 minutes after the start time of the class and must be done at the location. Before checking in, your phone must be connected to the internet (3G/4G/WiFi). When the check-in is successful, it will be added to the location's check-in list. A location or an instructor cannot check you in, but can only check and confirm that a check-in was successful. So you always have to check - in yourself with the Gyma QR code. Please note: If you are unable to check in, you can also call us during opening hours so that we can check you in manually immediately. Outside opening hours you can send us an email. Please note: for a check-in via customer service, you must have proof of attendance (GPS/Google Maps screenshot, or selfie on location).
  • No show fee policy
    If you have a reservation at a location but did not attend the class, you will receive a No-Show Fee of €12. For a special location appointments Full Fee of the service will be applied in case of No - Show. Here is what you should know and how it works: For the first no-show you will reserve a warning of 'No - Show warning'. Afterwards, for the 2nd warning you will have 72hours to pay it manually via invoice send out to you. If no payment received, within 48hs we will send you again a kind reminder. If the 72hs expired and the no show fee wasn't paid, your account will be suspended for making future reservations. We will send you reminders because we want you to go and do your fitness. If there is another no-show fee on top of another no-show fee the following applies: Your future reservations will be deleted. You will no longer able to make bookings. As soon as you have paid all outstanding no-show fees, your account will automatically be fully activated again, and you can again exercise and make reservations! In case you feel like you have been incorrectly charged with a No-Show fee, please contact us via our contact form and explain the case in detail. Do not forget to mention exactly which booking you are referring to (date, hour and name of venue). If any, please send us proof supporting your objection - for example an e-mail when the class has been cancelled, a picture of a closed studio door or similar. If you did participate in the class (and the no show fee needs to me removed) please do provide a proof of attendance such as print screen a with google maps showing the location or picture you in the studio with a watch showing the time and date on the watch.
  • Forgot to check - in?
    Ooops! You forgot to check - in? If you forgot to check - in and received a now show fee, unfortunately we cannot do anything for you. The partner locations counts on your check - in, because otherwise they will not get paid. This will be covered with no show fee. We can therefore not waive your no show fee, if you didnt attend. Technical problems while check - in? If you encountered a technical problem during check - in, please do let us know immediately. In the event of technical error on our side, we can always help you further.
  • Cancel a lesson & late cancellation
    This is how you cancel a reservation. Via the app or Gyma website Go to "My Bookings" Find your upcoming booking. Cancel or amend to a future time. Please Note: all partner locations have a cancellation period for their lessons. Read more below and what the rules are if you cancel too late. Late Cancellation + No show fees: You have the option to cancel up to 6hs or more depending on each partner policy separately before the start of the session. This varies by location, and we do kindly ask to check each partner profile before booking and inform yourself of their policy. Avoid a no-show fee and cancel on time! It is always possible that you will not make it to the lesson, your plans have changed or you have to cancel your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances. To ensure that your place can still be filled or the partner location is reimbursed for the empty place you leave in class, we have implemented the: Late Cancel: Do you want to cancel a lesson but are you too late? If you cancel outside the cancellation period, you pay a late cancellation fee of €5. You will automatically receive an invoice to pay within the next 48hs. No show fee: If you miss a lesson without canceling it (lately), a No-show Fee of € 12 will be charged. You will automatically receive an invoice to pay within the next 48hs. For special location appointments Full Fee of the service will be applied in case of no - show. Unfortunately, Gyma cannot make any exceptions, for example, if your day doesn't go according to plan, you have to work longer, you're stuck in traffic, you don't feel like going.
  • What happens if I arrive at the location and is closed or the class have cancelled?
    We try to keep our system up to date and well informed with our partners by providing the latest information at their individual profile. Although we do kindly ask to call before you booking from Gyma. We bear no responsibility in this case and the visit will be deducted from your overall monthly visit limits.
  • Additional workouts: pricing and how it works
    You can purchase an Additional Workout when you have reached the maximum number of workouts or a maximum number of visits to one location in a 30-day period. This number depends on your membership. Rules: You can always purchase an Additional Workout. Use an Additional Workout as an extra visit to your favourite location (if offered) or as an extra workout in a period. There's no limit to the number of Additional Workouts you can purchase. The Additional Workouts feature is only available for Regular & Pro Subscriptions. Accounts that are paid for through the employer are excluded. How does it work? Easy. We inform you once you’ve checked in for the last time possible with your membership at the same location in your active period. If you want to book additional workouts at this studio, you’ll be asked by your Gyma app to confirm the price and the no-show rule every time you make a booking. If you don’t confirm the additional workout price, you cannot reserve a spot. We'll also inform you once you've reached your maximum included visits for your membership period. In this case, you can book one or more additional workouts at any studio/gym of your choosing. The amount will be automatically collected from the bank account that is linked with your Gyma account. If you don't show up and you fail to cancel your class booking on time, the price of the additional workout will be automatically deducted from your account and a no-show fee will also send out to you to pay within 48hs.
  • How can I pause my membership?
    You can pause your membership and re activate it at any point. Just drop us an email at or via the live chat.
  • What happens when I reactivate a suspended plan?
    When you reactivate a plan: You regain access to services. The duration of your plan extends. For instance, if a plan was supposed to end August 1, but was suspended for a month, it will end September 1. Recurring payments reactivate. For example, if before the suspension there was a week left before the next payment, then after reactivation, there is also a week left before the next payment. Packages restart from where they were. For example, if you had 3 sessions remaining and 2 weeks left before their next payment, that's what they'll have when you reactivate.
  • How can I reactivate my membership?
    In order to reactivate your membership just drop us an email at to reactivate it for you.
  • What happens when I cancel my membership while being on pause?
    Your contract will be cancelled at the end of that current calendar month. For example, if you pause your membership the second week of August and inbetween those days you like to cancel it then it will be cancelled right away but it won't transfer your check ins to your next memberships purchase.
  • Can I upgrade my membership while my current is active?
    You can upgrade your membership anytime you like but you can't downgrade it in the same active month. For example, you choose the Beginner Membership and after 1 week you decide to upgrade to Advanced because your drop-ins expired. You can do that, but you can't downgrade it in the same month from Advanced to Beginner. Memberships are per month and you can't downgrade it until the current active membership expire. For further assistance you can send us an email at:
  • How do I cancel my Gyma Membership?
    Simply head over to your Gyma personal profile and cancel your membership. Once you cancel it, you have until the last day of your plan to perform bookings. No recurring payments will be made after that date.
  • What payment options are available?
    You can sign up with us for a membership using credit card, debit card or paypal.
  • Where can I change my payment details?
    You can change your payment information by logging into your member profile on
  • How my account gets billed?
    Our membership have a 3 month minimum contract and your account will billed every month for 3 months. You can freeze your membership for a maximum of 7 days.
  • What 'Valid for 3 Months' means?
    Your account is valid for 3 months, meaning 3 months contract. You will billed monthly for 3 months.
  • Something is not working with the app. What should I do?
    In case you have any problems with the App or if something is not working as expected you can send your feedback directly to our customer suppoer team. You can do so when you sign in to your profile, and on the setting tab select 'Submit feedback'. Please give a short explanation of the issue you are facing and attach a screenshot if possible. Our customer support team will receive it and fix the problem as soon as possible. If its urgent then call 95525829.
  • What the app does?
    Our app is essential for: Discovering our partners. Booking gyms, studios and wellness locations easily Manage your profile and pause/cancel/upgrade membership
  • Why do I need the Gyma app?
    Our Gyma App is FREE and is an easy, friendly way to book locations and manage your profile.
  • What do I need to check once I sign with my first membership?
    Once you sign up with us, make sure you sign in into your personal profile in our App and upload a picture of yours. That will be an identification way when you make your visits at our partner's location. Ensure when you visiting the venues to have access to the internet to scan the Gyma QR Code and a form of identification of you to allow you to enter and that you much the picture on Gyma App.
  • How is the eGift Card Delivered?
    Gyma eGift cards are delivered by email with all the instructions on how to redeem.
  • Does eGift Cards expire?
    They don’t! Redeem and use Gyma gift cards at any time.
  • Can I return a eGift Card?
    Sorry, we don’t offer returns on gift cards.
  • Do you have to be a member of Gyma to use the gift card?
    Yes simple sign up will be neccessary. To redeem the card, head over to memberships plans & pricing, find the one that fits your needs and during payment, select the Redeem a gift card option and enter their unique gift card code.
  • What happens if the order total is more than the remaining gift card value?
    If the sale is worth more than the value of the card, you can pay for the remaining cost using your other payment methods.
  • How to book a live class?
    Simply just visit our website and navigate from different classes and choose your favorite one. Remember there is certain attendance limits per membership. For the online live classes the visit limit is 8 (eight) check ins.
  • How do online classes work?
    From now on you can take part from the comfort of your own house in online classes. This way you can keep exercising even when it is not possible to physically go to your favorite gym. Note: To participate in the Online Lessons you need an active Gyma membership. Booking for Online Lessons works pretty simple. Just navigate to "Live Classes" found at the top of the screen and find the class you would like to participate. By clicking on the lesson and making a reservation, you ensure that you can participate in the live stream for this lesson. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and 30min before the class starts you will receive the email that contains your Zoom meeting link with the subject line "Your Zoom Meeting Link is here...". Please check your junk folder also.
  • What I need to participate in the class?
    To participate in an Online Live Class you need an active Gyma Membership. The lesson description states what equipment you need to participate, what kind of workout you can expect and in which language the lesson will be given. If the description is not present, you will get all the info via email including Zoom link for the class the last 30minutes of the class. Check also your spam folder in case accidentally is there.
  • How do I check in for an Online Class?
    Firstly you will receive a reminder 30min before the start of the session about your class. Its on you to sign up and enter the class on time. Coach will be joining on time as well.
  • I haven't receive a zoom link for my online class.
    We do kindly ask to check your spam folder in case the Zoom link is there. Further, use our online chat to assist you or give us a call if the chat doesn't go through.
  • How do I cancel for an Online Class?
    You can cancel without obligation up to 3 hours before the Online Lesson. Select the lesson in your personal account profile and cancel it via that environment.
  • How much does it cost to take an Online Class?
    You can take part in the online classes if you have a Gyma membership. You can check the different plans here. Gyma Membership entitles you to a certain check - ins for online live classes with the following rules: You can participate in an Online Live Class 4 times per partner per calendar month. Multiple check ins per partner per class are not allowed.
  • What if my live stream does not work properly or I can no longer take the class due to a bad internet connection?
    You can always retry entering the class. If the problem still occurs please contact us immediately.
  • Is there a no-show fee if I don't participate in the Livestream?
    Yes, same no show fee is applied in case you haven't show up at the online live class. Therefore, no-show fee will be charged and your check in limit will be deducted from your overall visit limits. Also, your class count will continue to count for your number of visits within the current membership period.
  • What is the visit limit for Online Classes?
    For the online classes the visit limit is 4 per month per coach.
  • Why should I become a member for Fitness + Bonus?
    Because you win bonus by exercising and visiting Gyma partner workout locations, you gain points and you can redeem on your next membership or Gyma event.
  • How do I become a member?
    Simply register on Gyma via app or website and active your reward system by choosing your membership.
  • Am under 18yo, can I join Fitness + Bonus?
    Gyma membership and loyalty program at the moment is only available for members over 18 years of age.
  • What are my main benefits?
    Earn 2 points per booking at a partner location Earn 3 points when you attend a Gyma event. Every 290 points you earn a Free Beginner membership Every 690 points you earn a Free Regular membership Every 1990 points you earn a Free Pro membership
  • How can I redeem my points?
    Simply during the check out on your next membership, when points are met, enter the points to redeem your next calendar membership.
  • Where can I check my reward points?
    You can simply navigate to: On the website: Under My Rewards tap On the CSC App: Under Fitness + Points tap
  • What is Covid-19 Pause?
    Covid 19 is: 1. Local gyms and wellness facilities are closed due to goverment restrictions 2. You have test positive for covid - 19 and you are in 14 quarantine.
  • What happens to my membership when am on Covid-19 pause?
    If you are on covid 19 pause you can contact our support team to suspend your account for 14days. During that period take advantage of our Online Class and stay active while at home. After 14days your account will be re-activated. The duration of your pricing plan will be extended for 14 days. The clock restarts for recurring payments from where it was before the suspension. For example, if before the suspension there was a week left before the next payment, then after reactivation, there is also a week left before the next payment.
  • I want to pause my membership since Gyma partners are closed
    If you are not interested to stay active even though the local partners are close with Gyma Online Classes, wellness or even outdoor group classes: 1. You can pause your membership by contacting our support team at +35795525829/00306945225116 or via email at and we will sort it out for you right away. 2. You can also get advantage of the online classes we have and stay active.
  • My local sports venues are closed due to Covid -19 but in other cities are open, what do I do?"
    You can take advantage our Online Classes and outdoor group classes by staying active during these times or you can suspend your membership by log-in to your Gyma account. If you have any questions or technical problems do please contact us at or via the online chat.
  • If I suspend my membership, what happens to my remaining days?"
    Your period will be interupted, and the remaining days are included and activated after your Covid-19 pause. When your account gets re-activated the duration of the plan is extended. For instance, if a plan was supposed to end August 1, but was suspended for a month, it will end September 1. The clock restarts for recurring payments from where it was before the suspension. For example, if before the suspension there was a week left before the next payment, then after reactivation, there is also a week left before the next payment. Contact us to suspend your account otherwise it will stay active. Of course, you will get notified when we will suspend it.
  • Can I interrupt my Covid-19 pause earlier?
    If you decide to reactivate your membership and start doing Gyma online classes and/or outdoor group classes that will be of course possible. You can reactivate your account by contact us form or online chat.
  • Can I extend my Covid-19 pause?
    Unfortunately you can not extend your Covid-19 pause beyond the date the goverment mentioned that gyms and studios will open neither beyond your 14 day quarantine period. We will automatically postpone it when the restrictions are extended. When the 14 days pass and the goverment gives the green light to re-open the gyms, Gyma will activate everyone memberships and you will be notified via email. You are remaining days will be used after this. If you dont want to exercise, you can pause your membership in the regular way from your Personal Profile settings.
  • What is all about the photo service you offer?
    We will send a professional photographer to shoot your venue or the sports you offer. The photographer will come at the agreed time and place and carry out the shoot. The photos will be then processed professionally and you will then received the pictures and their rights. The shoot takes place up to 120 minutes and you will receive at least 30-50 professional photos depending on your studio/gym size. Before the shoot make sure your venue is clean and tidy. If you need models please provide them by yourself at your own expense which will require to sign a model release form. Price is 80EU. The use of the photos can only be used from you for your social media, website, flyers with the only restrictions not be given to third parties and competitor companies outside of our agreement. Contact us if you are interested to shoot your venue. Don't forget high quality and professional images makes your venue more attractive - that means more income for you.
  • How can I join your partnership program?
    Do you want to offer your sports lessons and / or facilities via Gyma? We want you too. Navigate into our website and complete the form from the 'Become a Partner' page. Then we will contact you and book an appoitment to talk with you and find a solution to benefit you.
  • How do I add my classes to Gyma?
    Looking to share your online or in-person classes with us? Gyma makes it easy – and helps you earn for every attendee. Visit our Become A Partner page to learn and complete the form and one of our account managers will contact you.
  • How can employees sign up?
    After signing the cooperation agreement, employees can sign up as any regular member from the website.
  • What are the cost and how they are calculated?
    The costs vary individually depending on the agreement. In principle, the company pays a fixed contribution for each registered employee. In most cases, employees also pay a portion of their membership, unless the company opts to cover the entire cost. Employees also have the option of upgrading their Gyma membership in order to receive additional benefits.
  • What are the differences between the membership plans?
    Different membership plans offer slightly different sports offers, check-in amounts and partner studios. The Gyma Regular membership plan is the most popular and most widely used, with a large number of partner locations. Employees can also upgrade to Gyma Pro membership plan (at their own cost) and benefit from additional services and access to our special location partners.
  • Which partner venues can my employees visit with their membership?
    All partner venues and sports can be filtered by membership plan via our location search. Employees can visit over 100+ partner locations with any Gyma membership.
  • Is there a minimum number of employees who have to register?
    Of course, we hope that as many employees as possible will take advantage of our flexible sports and wellness offer. However, there is no minimum number of registrations required.
  • What is the notice period for both companies & employees?
    For companies, the collaboration agreement terms and notice period can be found in the agreement. Our agreements normally have a term of twelve months with a notice period of 4 weeks. Employees can cancel their membership independently on a monthly basis via their account.
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